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Judith Romney Wegner

Dear Jewishgenners,

Have you heard of somebody who has studdied the history of the
Jews of Majorca who lived there in endogamy since the Inquisition ?
Micheline GUTMANN
Yes, there are several scholars today both in USA and in Israel who are
working on the Jews in the Balearic Islands. I know someone living in
Israel who runs a small Institute on the Marranos. She and her husband
have a house on Ibiza, and in recent years they have gone there every Pesah
to make a Seder for locals who while no longer officially Jews know
themselves to be descended >from the conversos (crypto-Jews) of the time of
the Inquisition and are very interested to learn about their origins. She
does lecture tours with slides in USA >from time to time. It's absolutely
fascinating. I think she has done some specific stuff on Jews of Majorca,
and she can certainly tell you who else has.

If you contact her by e-mail she can inform you about her work, and also
about who in America is working on the Jews of Majorca. Please reply to me
directly if you would like her e-mail address.

Judith Romney Wegner

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