JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Low Contrast Gravestone photos #general

Roger Harris <rwsh@...>

John Lowens ( wrote:
: <<< With the sun nearly overhead, I took color
: photos >from several angles in an attempt to capture a legible image.
: Unfortunately the stone is a grayish granite and the photos have little
: contrast. Can anyone suggest a way to print, copy or otherwise extract
: an image with greater contrast?>>>

Use a grease crayon and paper in the same way as one would when making a
brass rubbing. Then photograph the paper. You may even discover details
which might otherwise not be revealed in a photograph.

Some years ago there was a thread on s.g.j on the same subject and there
were suggestions of highlighting the engraving with graphite or shaving soap.
Both these methods were criticised by chemists as being injurious to

Roger Harris

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