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Joel Rattner was kind enough to visit my great-grandfather's
grave-site, in the Baron Hirsch Cemetery, Staten Island , N.Y.
Joel photographed the site and the entrance gate to the Ohab
Shalom Congregation of Greenville, New Jersey - Orthodox area.
This gracious man also said Kaddish at the grave-site.

I am posting the names inscribed on the two posts bearing the marble arch
flanking the iron gates, hoping someone will see a familiar name
- as I did!



Harry Goldowsky, Pres.
Chas. Feder, Vice-President
Gabriel Alexander, Treas.
Kiva Schwartz, Rec. Sec''y
Paul Levy, F. Sec'y

Michael Grushinsky
Jacob Gerson
Max Cohen
Rachel Goldowsky
Millie Goldowsky
Bella Levy
Kiva Schwartz
Sofie Schwartz
Jonas D. Kriegel
Hanna Kriegel
Gabriel Alexander
Kathrine Alexander
Eva Gerson
Abram Furshman
Benjamin Edelman
Henrietta Edelman
Maurice H. Edelman
Jennie Edelman
Phillip Schoenwatter
Sarah Schoenwatter
Samuel Borsky
Bessie Borsky

Leo Kriegel, Chairman
George k. Levy, Sec'y
Benjamin Edelman, Treasurer
Kiva Schwartz
Philip Moskowitz
Samuel Borsky
Benjamin Corlin
Jennie Moskowitz
Sarah L. Feder
Herman Gross
Lena Gross
Max Cohen
Hanna Cohen
Abraham Corlin
Yetta Corlin
Michael Grushinsky
Bella Grushinsky
Charles Block
Madeline Block
Fannie Marcuse
Leonard J. Cohen
Sam Karel
Lena Karel
Max Krone
Bernard Chayes
Lena Chayes
Martin Marcuse

Good luck to you all.
Sylvia Furshman Nusinov

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