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I tried to contact Issie Fine at the email address noted on the posting,
but only got a Mailer Demon in return...In any event this is what I sent
Dear Issie Fine....
Your lucky day....or should I say this is one FINE day for you...
_Gorodeya is very close to _Nesvizh_... _Nesvizh_ was the center of Jewish
life for people in that area. My Family, on both sides, maternally, was
from that area. My GrandMother's family was >from Gorodeya. They all
gravitated to Nesvizh for school, shul and other "stuff". I suggest
that you search the NESVIZH SHTETL Website..........
<>. Especially
the New York Cemetery listings that you'll find on the site. You will
find some FINE's in most of the cemetery listings. You might even
consider joining our little SIG. No cost, no obligation...just
information sharing and some friendly chatter >from time to time.

Elliott (ET) Terman

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