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Gary Luke <feraltek@...>

There's four brothers, migrants to America >from Germany in the 1870s that I
want to track down, to connect them with the familiy who remained in
Germany, until migrating to Australia in 1938. It would possibly involve
checking naturalisation, shipping lists, and/or census returns of late last
century and early of this, looking for information about their German
background, and their children born in the USA. I've been in contact with
current descendents in the USA but they are either too inexperienced or are
not able to spend time on research although some of them are interested. I
have a few names and places >from earlier this century as a possible
starting point for working backwards. The surname is Kreielsheimer, and I
think (but not sure) they arrived on the east coast. There could be a
couple of other names to follow.

In exchange I'm willing to do research into Australian records. Please
reply if you are experienced in this and want experienced research from


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