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Sam & Charlotte <samchar@...>

We were over at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City and found
the following information:

Rachel Chayet - >from Kremenetz - arrived in the U.S. on 3/30/1910 and
her final destination was to her Uncle Sam Goldman at 1432 Halsted St.,


Leib Chait - >from Kremenetz
Arrived in the U.S. on 2/25/1897 and his final destination was to his
brother A. Goldman at 714 S. 3rd Street in Philadelphia

Here we have two very similar names, CHAYET/CHAIT and both from
Kremenetz and both going to individuals named GOLDMAN although one was
in Chicago and the other in Philadelphia. I would like to know if
anyone has any knowledge on these names and if they do, would they
please contact me directly.

Sam & Charlotte Showel
Las Vegas, NV

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