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Barbara L. Sieving <Sieving@...>

I am looking for information on the following family.

Mendel Kaim (fifth born of Mordicai and Gitel) who married Dora Fox
They had eight children:
1. Julia Kaim (deceased, no other data)
2. Deborah Kaim (unmarried)
3. Max Kaim (married spouse unknown) and had 2 children
1. Gertrude Kaim
2. Gabriel Kaim
4. Nettie Kaim (deceased, no other data)
5. Fannie Kaim (married, spouse unknown-no progeny)
6. Mamie Kaim (married, spouse unknown-had 2 children, names =unknown)
7. Harry Kaim (married, spouse unknown-had 1 child, name unknown)
8. Annie Kaim (married, spouse unknown-had 2 children, names (unknown)

The line I come >from was the first-born of Mordecai and Gitel and he
(Solomon-my ggggrandfather) was born about 1820 in Kurnick...I figure
the fifth born (Mendel) was probably born between 1825-1830 (there are
10 total). As per my ggrandmother and grandmother who put this original
tree together in December 1921, the tribe of Mendel settled in England
and the above information is all that the family knew in 1921. Because
of the early dates and the unknown information the Mendel Kaim family
probably either left before all the children were born or they were old
enough to marry. My questions on how to track someone who went to
1. Does England have passenger lists of immigrants who entered their
2. Does England have census records that someone in the US can access
and are they indexed in such a way that I do not need to know where they
3. Can I access and index death or birth vitals for England?
4. Would their surnames have changed upon their arrival to England,
how did the English feel about Jews in the early 1800's?
5. How can I find out if they became British citizens?
6. Can I find a marriage certificate?

Lot's of questions.....I have looked at a few sites geared towards
England but I have found very little information. Any assistance would
be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Morris Sieving

Colorado Springs, CO

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