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Hello GerSig:
I just joined the group. I have learnt >from N.Y.Census Records just retrieved
that my husband Robert JACOBS paternal grandparents origins were Germany,
town not known as yet. We are interested in learning what town/area they
came from, and where they are buried in New York - as per following data

Grandfather: Jacob JACOBSON, name later changed to JACOBS,
Grandmother: Pauline nee WASSERMAN JACOBSON/JACOBS
Children: Joseph, Abraham, Julius, Benjamin, Sadie & Ray
Year of Immigration: Appears to be 1881 (Entry fuzzy on Census Records)
Date of Birth of Jacobs varies on 1910 & 1920 Census - possibly 1862?
Date of Birth of Pauline varies on 1910 & 1920 Cenus - also 1862?
Address on 1910 Census: Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York
Address on 1920 Census: Roebling Street, Brooklyn, New York
Language: Yiddish -
Jacob & Pauline - Aliens Children born in New York,
Jacob was stated as being a 'Horse Peddlar'!
We lost touch with Jacobs family descendants many years ago when
we relocated to California. We do not know surnames of Sadie & Ray.

I consider myself to be a novice in German Jewish Genealogy Research.
My experience in using the Internet is intermediate.
We live in Southern California - relocated >from Long Island, New York.
My husband Robert Jacobs was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Ena Jacobs San Pedro, California

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