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As a result of posting a note about the CD-Rom of the International
Jewish Cemetery Project on the JGSGB discussion group it became apparent
from replies that many people had no idea of what this project is about.
So, here is an abstract of the factsheet.
Arline Sachs, IAJGS Cemetery project chair

The cemetery project is now five years old. There is now data on over
22,000 cemeteries and names of over 400,000 of those interred have been
collected. AU the data is now on a CD ( given to all societies). It is
readable by both Windows and Maclntosh environments. The CD is
available for purchase by individuals at $35.00 .
The cost presently for the disks is $35.00 for one or $60.00 for two
(GBP22 or GBP37 for two) including postage, anywhere in the world. The
second disc is the forthcoming Family Tree of the Jewish People. It
should be available in the next two months.
Checks can be sent in any curency, made out to IAJGS.

In phase 1 we are trying to find out where Jews are buried. In some
cases the data is quite sparse, only that one exists in a particular
location. In other cases, there is a lot of detail including who nms
it, which synagogues use it etc. Cemeteries can be all Jewish or Jewish
sections in a non-Jewish cemeteries or even where a few Jews are buried
in a non-Jewish cemetery.
Specifically the following information is
requested: country, state, city, name of cemetery, location of cemetery,
street address; additional instructions about where it is; years used;
contact person (may be the caretaker, whoever has the key (and how to
get it); the society caring for it, or even the person submitting the
data, who would help interested people.); phone number of contact
person; synagogue(s)
who use(d) it; approximate size (30 or 3000
graves); all Jewish cemetery or not The US Commission for the
Preservation of America!s Heritage Abroad is also concerned about
preserving our heritage. Their area of concentration is Eastern
Europe. They are cooperating with us and have supplied us with phase I
information >from over 3000 cemeteries in Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Poland and Hungary and Ukraine.
A questionnaire for use on phase 1 data in
Eastern Europe is available on the web at:
http://wwwjewishgen.orgtcemetery/ccm3.htm. The
questionnaire has also been translated into Dutch, German, Portugese,
Romanian and Spanish- These are available at that address as well. Not
all questions are applicable to all cemeteries so you can a4just it to
your needs.

On the web at htip:// and on the
CD the data is arranged in order by country, then
state, and then by city or town, and then ff there are
several cemeteries in a community they are arranged in
alphabetical order.

In phase 2 we are trying to find out the names of those
interred in the individual cemeteries. So far we have over 400,000
names of individuals >from all around the world >from cemeteries that have
already been indexed. In non- Jewish cemeteries only Jews are included
in this project. As much of the following data as possible is included.
We are looking for as much of the following type of
information that is available about the individuals. Last name. First
and other names, Death date (use a 4 digit number for the year); Place
of death, Birth date (use a 4 digit number for the year); Birth place,
Cemetery, Location in cemetery, Father/Mother, Informant/Relation,
Comments, Funeral Home, Spouse
If you have data collected in ANY different format, or
sequence, send it to me anyway and we will convert it to work with our
files. We can work with almost any computerized data that has been
collected and will convert it to our needs. Data on a spreadsheet is
the easiest for us to handle.

On the CD the user wis be able to click on the word names
if it appears after the name of a cemetery and browse through the names
of all those interred in that cemetery.

In phase 3 the names are combined to make it possible for the user to
look for a particular name, anywhere in the world. On the CD it will be
able to do this without having to wait a day for the response as is
neccessary on the web now. The data can be searched by the exact
spelling of a name and by a version of the Daitsch-Mokotov soundex.

All people worldng on this project are volunteers. No profit is to be
made >from the use of this information.
Any profits made >from the sale of the CD will be used to
continue this project and applied to other IAJGS projects.

For this project to continue to grow it needs the help
of everyone who uses it. Can you do any of the following or provide
additional suggestions?

Contact the Jewish Cemetery Association to get them to
urge their cemeteries to provide the names to us.
Contact Jewish Historical Society:
Contact all branches of Judaism, to have them urge their
synagogues to contribute.
Boy and Girl scout contact?
Need to contact libraries that have data
Getting data >from books that are no longer under
copyright What will you volunteer to help do? Can you suggest other
sources of data. What will you do to help?

Dr Saul Issroff Secretary International Association of Jewish Genealogy

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