GerSig needs volunteers for two small projects #germany


GerSig is in need of volunteers to help with two problems.

1. We have a new member in Jerusalem whose English is not good. If you
are fluent in Hebrew and English and would be willing to help this
new GerSig member understand our rules and learn how to write and send
questions to the GerSig Forum please reply to for details.

2. We have lost about 100 members who never got a JGFF researcher number
or who were subscribed to GerSig >from an email address other than the one
linked to their JGFF researcher number.

Some of our lost members are leading German Jewish Genealogists who
really should be receiving GerSig email and sending comments to our
Several are Charter members ( Joined October / November 1998 ) . These
names will be familiar to any GerSigger who reads this Forum regularly.

If you would have time to scan the list of about 100 names and email
addresses and write to any lost members whom you know, explaining how
to resubscribe please volunteer and I will send you the list and the
instructions. You will add a personal note and urge that they re-join.

(All have received one email already >from me but have not yet re-subscribed.)

Thanks for your help.

John Paul Lowens, GerSig Coordinator / Moderator

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