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David Price wrote:

I have recently made a copy of the lists of names for CHMIELNIKE,
1880-1885 of the LDS family history microfilms #1808864, 1808865 and
1192418. I understand enough of the Russian cyrillic handwriting to look
up a name if anyone is interested to know if birth, marriage or death
vital records are in these films.
I believe the KR-SIG group has listed the names in a journal. Is this
true? I have sent in an application to join the group but I also would
like to have their e-mail address.
David, the Kielce-Radom SIG Journal publishes not index lists of vital
records, but extracts. The difference between the two is that extracts
contain more information. In addition to just a name list, the extracts
will indicate such information as: parents, ages, maiden names, occupations,
towns of origin, marital status. There is an article in the forthcoming
Fall 1998 issue of the Journal that will deal with this subject specifically.

It is important to note that, as with many major genealogy projects, the
KRSIG has thus far worked only a limited number of towns in the region.
Chmielnik is not one of them. We need more researchers willing to perform
record extractions. To date, just a tiny handful of us have done all
the work.

The email address for the KRSIG is <>
The web page can be found at <>


Lauren B. Eisenberg Davis
Kielce-Radom SIG Research Coordinator

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