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MARK MICHAELS <Dragon_Michaels@...>

I do hope that someone can help.

I have tried to post this on Jewishgen translation service but have been
unable to connect.

The letters were not clear but I have done my
best to decipher them please give it your best guess. There are 2 graves.

Henry Greenburg and his widow Rachel Moses. In particular their respective
fathers hebrew name which look to me to be the same but with faded letters
no vowels and limited hebrew are beyond me! Also typing in english these
charachters run left to right instead of right to left so I have run the
whole line left to right

Rachel died 12/3/1910

taf - resh chet lamed - bet taf - yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed

aleph lamed tet nun chet - chet nun vav daled - bet nun - yud cuf vav tuf
yud aleph lamed

nun pey tet resh hey - shin "cuf - vet - daled resh hey - aleph daled
resh - vet

tet resh ayin - lamed pey cuf

Henry 20/10/1895

vav - chet nun vav daled - vet nun - yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed

vet pey tet resh - indecipherable

chet vav nun vet - lamed tet fey

Just to reiterate these were very unclear so its definitely a best guess
Very Many Thanks
Mark J Michaels
Dragon Hotel UK

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