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Dear People,

Early this morning, after I finished scrolling down today's Jewishgen's
message compilation, I went back to bed to read the NY Times. In an article
about the problems immigrants faced when confronted by secret evidence which
they know nothing about and cannot question or refute, the name Louis M.
Bograd appeared. Mr. Bograd is the head of the Prison Project of the American
Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Perhaps Bograd is a contraction of the name
Tina Gam is researching.

If I were Ms. Gam I would do a people search not only on Jewishgen, but
also on Yahoo, and try to find Mark Bogorad, or his mother. I would also note
how many Bogorads and Bograds there are and, if there were not very many,
write to them. Probably she can find Mr. Louis Bograd as well to ask about
his surame and relatives.

Naomi Fatouros

BELKOWSKY of Tel-Aviv, Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, Berdichev; LEVY, WEIL, WILLARD
of Mulhouse, Altkirch, Seppois le Bas, Alsace; FELDMAN of "Chelsetz?" (
Kulczyce or Kulchitse or Kulcici?), near L'viv; MEEROVNA of Berdichev(?);
RAPPAPORT or RAPOPORT of Jaffa, Palestine, Podvolochisk and Ternopil; SAS, of
Podwolochisk; ROTHSTEIN, LIBERMAN >from Kiev and Moscow; ZUSMAN or SUSSMAN of
Tel-Aviv and Odessa.

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