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On Sat, 15 Aug 1998 01:09:41, rickiz@... (Ricki L. Zunk)

 I have now acquired many photos of various family tombstones for my
 mother's family buried in Phila., PA. I cannot read or write Hebrew
 (for which I now am very sorry). I asked a rabbi/family friend to help
 me translate the names. Some of them are, to my experience, unusual.
 I'm hoping that some of you more knowledgeable JGers can help me with

 mgm (Anna Helen) = Osnia (or Osnea) Enya
 mgf (Samuel [Simon]) = Yeshayoh
 pgf (Samuel) = Osias and Sheyah
 pgu (Samuel) = Sendor
 pcousin (Lippa) = Lipa

 All of these are as written and spelled by the rabbi. Sorry I can't
 give you any additional info.

It isn't clear what you want to know.

In the same order as you have written above:

Probably Osnat (a Biblical/Egyptian name)
Hosea and Isaiah
A Yiddish name; can't help you

But the Rabbi surely knows all that, and Lipa as well.

Stan Goodman
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