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Alexander Sharon <sharona@...>

Jose Gutstein wrote:

I came across a most unusual Jewish surname of a person that married into my
family in Lomza Gubernia, Poland: ZWAWY and ZWAWA.

I'm pretty sure it's a distinct surname >from the much more common Szwab

Does anyone know how the "Zw" would in ZWAWY would be pronounced in Polish?

Any suggestions on a possible "English" equivalent to look for in case the
family emigrated?


Jose Gutstein

Zwawy [Zhvah vee] - male,
Zwawa [Zhvah vah] - female

In Polish "Z" in zwawy reads with the an accent above the letter "z", which
reads as "zh" in the name "Zhukov "

Zwawy translates to English as brisk(y) or lively.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary Alberta

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