JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Gravestone Translation, requested by Mark Michaels, 15 Aug. 1998 #general

Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

Mark Michaels asked to decipher a string of Hebrew characters, (many
or garbled) taken >from gravestones of henry Greenburg and his widow
Rachel Moses.
He believed that both their fathers had the same Hebrew name.

Here are my Hebrew texts and translations: Marat Rachel bat Yekutiel,
almanat Hanoch ben Yekutiel, niftara SH"K (Shabbat Kodesh) bet d'rosh
chodesh Adar 5670 Lefak. Mrs. Rachel, daughter of Yekutiel, widow of
Hanoch son of Yekutiel, died on Shabbat, second day of Adar 5670=

Hanoch ben Yekutiel, niftar (no date given) Hanoch son of Yekutiel,(no
further data)

Mark was right. Both Rachel and Henry (Hanoch) had fathers named

Jim Bennett, Haifa, Israel

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