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Howard Edson

Dear JewishGenner

I have been researching my family tree for the last two years and recently
was able to go to the cemetery where my grandparents >from my father's side
are buried.

My father's parents are buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens in a
plot owned by the Chebra Anshbi Ponidel Nusach Hoari Sal.

Would anyone out there have information about this Jewish Burial Society. I
have also been told that at one time there was a Synagogue name Ponidel in
New York City.

Grandfather Israel Idson was born on July 10, 1854 in Russia; town unknown
and buried on May 10, 1925. Grandmother Hannah Annie Shaprio was born about
Aug 1859 in Russia; town unknown and buried on Sept 2, 1913.

They migrated to New York City about July 4, 1891 and settled at 84 Monore
Street on the lower east side. They arrived here with four children,
William, Gussie, Lillian, and Benjamin and had five more children in New
York City. They were Samuel, Louis, Sarah (Sally), Etta, and Leo.

William (Willy) Idson, born May 1880, married Fannie Katzenellenbogern
about 1901 in NYC.
Gussie Idson born Apr. 1882
Lillian (Lilly) Idson, born Jan. 1884, married Joe Sinberg about 1906 in NYC.
Benjamin (Idson) Edson, born Jan. 1887, married Kate ? about 1910 in NYC.
Samuel (Idson) Edson, born Mar. 1893, married Fay Newmark date unknown.
Louis (Idson) Edson, born Sept. 16, 1894, married Beatrice Goldstein date
Sarah (Sally) Idson, born Feb 14, 1897, never married, died in Fla. May 1979
Etta Idson, born July 2, 1899 and died May 1, 1904, buried in Silver Lake
Cemetery on Staten Island, NY.
Leo (Idson) Edson, born Nov 28, 1901, married Norma Botwin about Jan 1944
in NYC.

Howard Edson
Ridgefield, New Jersey

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