Re: SUFRIN family from Munchen/Munich #germany <petiealznauer@...>

For some time now I have intended to post and let people know that I have
the City Directory (Stadtbuch) for Munchen (Munich), Germany >from the year
1934. I bought it at an antiquariat dealer in Munich in 1985 or 86 when I
was a graduate student at the university.

In the frontispiece there is a full page photo of the Reichschancellor,
and his home address, telephone and occupation are listed inside
along with Thomas Mann, the Nobel prize winning author and other worthier Germans.

I would be glad to look up information on the SUFRIN and any other
individuals or families >from this directory BUT I cannot do it right now
because the directory is in storage until I finish having my apartment renovated.

Please email me privately for more information.

Alexandra Alznauer San Francisco, CA

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