JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Subject descriptions in postings #general

arlene parnes <arlene@...>

Please make your subject headings specific. I find that since the format
has changed, I look at the list and if the heading doesn't have enough, or
specific enough info, I just delete the entire Digest. Before, there seemed
to have more info and at least it intrigued me to look at almost all of the
entries. I haven't the time nor the patience to go thru all of the list as
it is.

So, please -- give more info in THOSE HEADINGS.


MODERATOR'S NOTE: We can only encourage those who post messages here to
read the rules and guidelines so that fewer rejections (which are quick
and easy to do) and less editing (which is tedious and time consuming)
are necessary. In a perfect world, the moderator's job would be completely
superfluous. For what it's worth, we have edited this message's subject
to make it more specific!!!

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