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Does any one know if FTM 4.4 can be made to print family trees so that
the page breaks don't fall in
the middle of name boxes? Its tough to tape them all together and have
them look like anything with
> the names all cut up.

I would suggest the following:-

When you have the descendant tree view on your screen, place your mouse
arrow over the area of the tree. Press your right mouse button and you
will be presented with a floating menu. Select the item 'Tree Format'
pressing your left mouse button. At the top of the selection box you are=

shown you have a choice of 'Book layout' and 'Custom layout' You may hav=
'Custom layout' selected at the moment. select 'Book layout' instead and=

then OK. You should now be able to print without broken boxes. Instead =
printing off a number of sheets that require some how sticking together,
sheets are printed off that have page links and therefore I believe a
better presentation.

Richard Sinclair
Altrincham, Cheshire, England

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Grodzinski / Grodzinski / Kahn / Khan / Lazarus / Pacyna / Plagerson /
Schindler / Seaberg / Steinsapir / Stein-Sapir / Szejnsapir / Szteinsapir=
Sztejnsapir / Sapirstein

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