Seek dates of Holocaust death -LOEWENSTEIN & BARUCH #germany

Elizabeth Levy <ealevygen@...>

Dear Friends,
We lost many people in the Holocaust, some of whom we know what happened,
others not.
I am looking for more information - particularly date of death - for the
following persons. Maybe someone has a list or information that would be

1. Elli (geb. WALLACH) LOEWENSTEIN (b. 1909), her husband, Siegmund
LOEWENSTEIN, and their young son, Bernd LOEWENSTEIN (b. 1938), last living
in Frankfurt/Main, and presumably shot to death in the Kaiserwald near Riga.

2. Emilie or Emmy (geb. KATZ) BARUCH (b. 1890), her husband, Julius
BARUCH, and their two kids: Kurt and Ruth. Emmy was born in Flieden,
Hessen and Julius was >from Bergheim/Waldeck.

3. Jonny (Yonny) BARUCH (son of Julius >from his previous marriage to Bella
KATZ BARUCH, sister of Emmy). Lived in Berheim/Waldeck. Thanks.

Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion

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