INTRO - Seeking GRUNAUR - Cammin, Pommern > USA 1860s #germany


I am researching a Jewish German family [GRUNAUR] who emigrated to the USA
in about the 1860s.
Would the (Kirchenbuch) church register (parish) records 1713-1850, of
Cammin, Pommern include records of this Jewish family's births and
marriages? I ask because the LDS has a microfilm of these exact registers.
Before I borrow the film, I would like to answer this question.

In England, the Established Church (of the State), was - in some centuries -
the only place where anybody could be married or buried. Hence people of
different religions are usually found in these parish registers, until after
a certain date when they were allowed to keep their own religious records
separately. Thank you,

Barry Spinner in Hamilton Ontario Canada

MOD NOTE: list of families being researched deleted because family names
were not typed in ALL CAPS.

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