INTRO- Searching for WEINBERG from Neustadtgoedens #germany

Micha Reisel

Dear list,
I am new to the list. For some more info about me see

1.I am looking for the parents of my ggm Binchen (Devorah?) WEINBERG, born in 1861
in Neustadtgodens (o umlaut) which is west of Wilhelmshaven in Ostfriessland.

Her parents were Salomon (Shlomo ben Yaakov) WEINBERG (d. 1884) and
Sophie (Sorkhe bat Moshe) BUCHLER (U umlaut) (d. 1894)

2. And I am looking for Andries LIEFMANN, born 1720 in Hanau
(who later moved to the East of the Netherlands, Diepenheim and in 1811 took the
surname MULLER) Hanau was written Onnou in a Dutch genealogy , is there another
place which would be more logical than Hanau, because of a Jewish population in
the 1720s ? thanks and take care

Micha REISEL Hod Hasharon, Israel
Vice President of JFRA, the Jewish Family Research Association of Israel

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