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My maternal grandmother's ketubah--a document printed in Aramaic on one
side and English on the other--conveniently reflects both the Jewish and
secular date of the her marriage. I checked the JewishGen calendar
converter to make sure that indeed the two dates--October 10, 1920 and 28=

Tishrei 5681--correspond with each other. (Incidentally, I checked both
ways!) The NYC Dept of Records, however, has no record of her marriage i=
the year 1920 in the Borough of Manhattan even though she was married at =
synagogue in Manhattan (Ohab Zedek Zichron Ephraim) with the officiating
rabbi being the founder of Zichron Ephraim (now the current Park East
Synagogue), Dr. Bernard Drachtman.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why there is no official record of=

this marriage?


Peter Gold

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