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Claire Petersky <petersky@...>

After just two hours in the National Archive office here in Seattle my arm
was sore (and has been sore all day) >from cranking the handle around and
around to get to the records I was interested in. And I'm young, do
push-ups and aerobics in my spare time! What do old folks do? They do have
a machine for the disabled, but I'd be embarrassed to request it when I am
perfectly able-bodied.

And my stomach was ibbeldick -- almostly like a seasick -- >from looking at
the records go by. By the time I learned not to look unless the film was
completely still, it was too late.

Ugh! Any suggestions/tips >from veteran users of microfilm readers how to
make the physical use of these things less bothersome? (not like I'll get
baby-sitting again, and be able to return to the office anytime soon...)

Claire Petersky (

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