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 I'm still trying to find out where Hirsch Melech (Herman) SEIBEL is buried. I
 followed the leads sent to me by kind JGenners after my last Avon Ave post.
 I've requested his death certificate >from the NJ archives three times, giving
 a large span of years, but came up blank ...

This was the synagogue to which my paternal grandfather belonged. It
moved in about 1940 to a corner site near Beth Israel Hospital in
Newark; I do not remember the name of the street.

The name of the synagogue is "Adas Israel and Mishnayes". Its cemetery
is on South 10th Street, Newark.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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from Lomza Gubernia in Russian Poland: NEACHOWICZ, NEJMAN/NAJMAN.
from Dorohoi District in Romania: HERTANU, ABRAMOVICI, LAUER.
from Iasi in Romania: GRISARU, VATARU.

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