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I located Chane SIEGEL on the S.S. Uranium Passenger List which arrived
in New York Port on Nov 30 1912, but cannot figure out the town in
Russia she came >from . This town is listed 3 times (Place of Birth, Last
Permanent Residence, and Relative >from her town) but the letters in the
town name are hard to read and even look different each time even though
all 3 are the same town. Looks like Tolcjin, Tulozin, or Tulcqin or
maybe it is a "m" on the end (just can't figure it out). It shows her
father Abram SIEGEL as living there It also shows that she went to live
with her brother Moise SIEGEL in Brooklyn and gave the address. Since
she arrived in 1912, I tried to find her brother's address in the 1910
Census for Brooklyn (Kings) New York hoping it would show this Russian
town as his place of origin and maybe it would be clearer. However, the
microfiche that contains the Enumeration district # for Diamond Street
213-end for the odd side of street is all blurry for the Enumeration
district # so I can't locate the proper microfilm to search for his
address. I tried to find Moise SIEGEL on the SSDI records and other
databases but can't find a thing. She married Abraham BOGDANSKY >from the
same town (however their marriage was arranged in the U. S. and they
either married in New York or Philadelphia Pennsylvania). I can't find
any records for the name BOGDANSKY anywhere. They are both dead and my
relatives don't have much info. I am really stuck. Any ideas where I
can go >from here to figure out what the name of that town is? I only
know that it was supposedly in the Ukraine near Kiev. Also, how can I
find out when Abraham BOGDANSKY came to the United States and on what
ship? I knew approximately when Anna (Chane) SIEGEL arrived so I was
able to find her but I have no clue when he arrived.
I am really new at this so I hope I explained it ok.
Thank you
Barbara Warner (DANSKY)

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