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MarkGrekin <markgrekin@...>

Ilya Zeldes, in his comments on Howard Margol's explanation of the meaning of
Revizskaia Skazka, fails to note that the modern meaning of "skazka" is "fairy
tale" (ref Harper Collins Russian Dictionary,1994).
Hello Robert,
I'm a Jew born in Russia, emigrated to the USA being 46 years old. Russian is
my mother tongue.
What you had read in Harper Collins Russian Dictionary, 1994 has nothing to do
with expression "Revizskaia Skazka" that is more than 300 years old.
I'm afraid you will confuse some other genealogists as well as yourself.
Ilya Zeldes is 100% right and I suspect that he is of Russian origin himself.
Only a native speaker can know that intricasy.
Mark Grekin

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