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Paul Fisher <fisherpaul@...>

Dear Jewishgenners,

This is my first query. I have been reading and learning a lot >from your
discussion group.

Can someone help me regarding the names on my grandfather's tombstone?

The letters are aleph--beit--yud--nun--vav, hey--yud--kuf--rash,
daled--vov, vav--rash--hieroglyph.

His Yiddish name was Berl Grabina. I believe daled--vov = Dov, Hebrew
for Berl.

What names do these letters spell in Hebrew and what would be their
Yiddish equivalents?

Thank you.

Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia

Searching BROUDE, Kelme, Lithuania, Minneapolis, Philadelphia
SCHEAR (SCHER, SCHOR etc.) Tolstoye, Ukraine (formerly Touste,

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