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My gf, Gerschon GRUNFELD (umlaut over the u) was born in 1855 in
Kopyczynce, Galicia (now Kopychintsy, Ukraine). Father was Jacob, mother Rari. I am seeking info
inre any siblings. Gerschon married Rosja Rothmann who at 16 was
living with her brother and sister-in-law.The latter, unhappy about
living situation, arranged marriage to Gerschon. Rosja came to USA in
1903 (don't know about Gerschon); ticket agency warned about"red-eye"
and"lice" as entry deniers. Rosja and two daughters held over one day
because son Samuel did not come to pick them up. All grandchildren
afraid of Rosja...very stern woman. Name GRUNFELD became, variously,
Greenfeld and Greenfield. Couple of Yiskor tracts not helpful with
respect to this name. Will accept help >from anyone, anyplace,
Norman Greenfeld
Albany NY

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