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In response to Randy Schoenberg's March 11 suggestion that we all post our family trees on "Geni" I have a
few questions and misgivings. First off when I visited the site they immediately want me to sign up with a
credit card. Looking carefully I found that there was an option to continue without providing this. Then there
didn't 't seem to be any way to view any information on the site at all. It just wants you to start entering your
family tree members (I can't imagine trying to do this one person at a time as it seems to be set up to receive
information that way). A bit more digging and I found a search function into which I entered one of the
surnames >from my tree. "Geni" came back with 2 matches but wouldn't let me see them until I sign up for
their "Pro" service. Anyhow "Geni" seems pretty lame. Even the notoriously avaricious lets
you search trees that people have posted for family names (
"Geni" seems to want me to enter my information without any kind of payback. Am I missing something?

Philip Moravcik, Honolulu

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