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Ilya Zeldes <ilyaz@...>

Dear JewishGenners:
As we all know, the very important part of JG goals is Jewish genealogical
Recently, searching an answer to a question, I looked over some of JG Info
Files. I was unable to find the answer to my question. Therefore, I'd like
to post it on board for all JewishGenners to ponder and, maybe come up with
the answer. But before I can post my question (there are a few questions,
actually), I have to present you a typical scenario.
Often, someone posts a question publicly. One of the JewishGenners, a good
Samaritan rushing to help a fellow researcher, jumps in the water head first
and answers the question publicly to the best of his or her knowledge and
ability. In many instances, this answer could be very helpful and
sufficient. In some others, it could be misleading, not entirely correct, or
simply wrong.
What should we do in this case? If there is someone else on this board, who
knows the right and correct answer, should he or she get involved and call
attention of all concerned publicly - the person, who asked the question,
the person, who first answered it, the listeners and the rest of us? Or
should that knowledgeable person keep his or her mouth shut, because the
first and wrongly answering person could be extremely sensitive and unable
to take and handle any suggestion that he or she is not correct? What is
more important, the sensitivity of that individual, or truth in discussion?
Should the whole community of Jewish Genealogists take whatever misleading
information is uttered around here as the last word, or we shall take this
and any other opportunity and discuss and correct wrong information to the
best of our ability and knowledge?
I hope that my questions will be answered by both the "vocal minority" and
the "quiet majority"
Ilya Zeldes, Ph.D.
Ft. Myers, FL

MODERATOR'S NOTE: One hopes that in correcting an erroneous response to a
question, the writer of the correction would be sensitive enough to
approach the subject in a suitable fashion. It won't always happen, in
part because English is not always the native tongue of the writer(s) but
also because so much of information we are collectively digging up is bent and broken or otherwise damaged and difficult to 'repair' and often open to

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