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Julian Schamroth wrote:

Upon receiving a list of ancestors buried in the Krakow cemetary, I
noted that several graves contained two bodies. I was most surprised
about this and contacted the relative who sent me the list ...he
confirmed it.
As far as I am aware, Jewish Halacha forbids such practice. I thus
assume that it was only practiced under extraordinary circumstances.
I am far >from being an expert on Jewish burial law. However, having just
returned >from the Czech Republic, I can attest that there are multiple
burials in the Prague Jewish Cemetery. The Cemetery, within the Jewish
Ghetto, was opened in 1439. High walls completely surround its burials
limiting access, and the Cemetery is closed on Saturday. _Frommer's
Comprehensive Travel Guide to Prague_ states: "Because the local government
of the time didn't allow Jews to bury their dead elsewhere, the graves were
dug deep enough to hold 12 bodies vertically, with each tombstone placed in
front of the last. The result is one of the world's most crowded
cemeteries, a one-block area filled with over 20,000 graves." Another guide
book states that Hitler refrained >from desecrating the graveyard in order to
keep the cemetery as a lasting monument to an extinct race.

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