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Harry E Stein <fromme@...>

I need help in translating Greek to English. I have received >from the
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 36 forms written in alternating
lines of Greek and German. The forms appear to be arrest and/or property
confiscation records of Jewish Citizens taken in Salonika and sent to
Auschwitz. The majority of the names on the list are of my wife's
family, Abravanel and Eskenazi. The task is not as formidable as it
appears as all the forms appear to be identical. Translate one form and
all the forms have been translated. The only difference between the
forms are the different names, addresses, and property lists (which many
times contain only one line) written on them in Greek script. It becomes
a matter of translating one form and 36 names and address and a very
short property list. I have tried the only local Greek Church to no
avail. In addition to using the forms for genealogical purposes, I
intend to provide the names to all those interested. All help would be

Harry Stein

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