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Dear People,

In message #51, Merle Persky asked today (98/08/24) whether there is a
Yizkor book for Kovel. According to Zachary Baker's bibliography in the 1998
edition of ">from a Ruined Garden,
there are:

Kowel; sefer edut ve-zikaron le-kehilatenu she-alah aleha ha-koret [Kowel;
testimony and memorial book of our destoryed comunity]. Ed. E. Leoni-
Zoperfin. Tel Aviv; Former Residents of Kowel in Israel, 1959. 539 pp., ports.
(In Hebrew and Yiddish.)

Pinkes Kowel [Memorial book of Kowel]. Ed. B. Baler. Buenos Aires:
Former Residents of Kowel and Surroudnings in Argentina, 1951.. 511 pp.
ports., facsims. (In Yiddish.)

For information about where these books may be located there is a list
of libraries which have more than 25 Yizkor books in their collections, which
can be seen at: yizkor/

Also, I have found it convenient to save in a "desktop" folder lists of
Yizkor books held at Yale, UCLA, the Holocaust Centers in California and
Washington, in Florida Atlantic University, and at various other places,
including a few stores.

A few short lists showing the books' locations can be found by rummaging
through Jewishgen's message archives, using the word "Yizkor" in the search
engine there. More extensive listings can be found by using one of the major
search engines, such as Yahoo, and typing in "Yizkor," or even the name of a
university, in the search engine and clicking on the library button of that
university and then typing in "yizkor" or "memorial books" to search the

I hope this helps.

Naomi Fatouros

BELKOWSKY of Tel-Aviv, Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, Berdichev; LEVY, WEIL, WILLARD of
Mulhouse, Altkirch, Seppois le Bas, Alsace; FELDMAN of "Chelsetz?" ( Kulczyce
or Kulchitse or Kulcici?), near L'viv; MEEROVNA of Berdichev(?); RAPPAPORT or
RAPOPORT of Jaffa, Palestine, Podvolochisk and Ternopil; SAS, of Podwolochisk;
ROTHSTEIN, LIBERMAN >from Kiev and Moscow; ZUSMAN or SUSSMAN of Tel-Aviv and


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