JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Naturalization Records - 1960's #general

Ruffin R Cooper <rrcooper@...>

In response to Mr. Allan H. Rosen.

I believe that Naturalization records for New York are at the
NARA Northeast Region for the following:

Manhattan and Bronx to 1991
Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island to 1990 with index to 1977,
for years without an index you need an exact petition number.

They also hold records for Newark >from 1914 to 1982 with indexes
and Buffalo NY >from 1907 to 1966.

Their address is NARA; Northeast Region, 201 Varick Street, New
York, NY, 10014-4811

Enclose a check for $10.00 payable to National Archives Trust
Fund. I don't know about the requirement that they are dead, but,
you can call (212) 337-1300 and find a very helpful person
(live!) who will talk to you.

I have had personal success retrieving records and with helpful
telephone calls myself.

Bob Cooper


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