Intro-Researching KLAUSNER family from Furth #germany

joel levinson <joel.levinson2@...>

Hello GerSig,
I have just joined the group.I have been doing research for perhaps 5 years, but
still consider myself to be a novice at both researching and with the computer.
I live in suburban New Jersey,USA. My native and only language is English.
I know the names and birth and death dates of my great
grandparents,grandparents and my grandparents siblings.

I don't know anything at all of my great grandfather,Aron Jacob KLAUSNER's
siblings and therefore the extended family. I do ,however, have the suggestion of
a connection with KLAUSNERs in Furth, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany.

**My great grandfather.Aron Jacob, grandfather Max and Max's siblings
Herman, Willy, Rosa and Freida were born in Rytro, Poland. In Rytro there was
intermarriage with the families GOLDMAN and PAPERLE

**At some point Herman, his wife Rosa and son Sigi moved to Wein, [Vienna]
Austria. My grandfather Max immigrated to the US in 1910.
Max's cousins, the GOLDMAN brothers with their wives,the PAPERLE sisiters
moved to Furth, Germany.

In Furth there is a memorial dedicated to the memory of those who were lost
in the Holocaust. On the memorial is the name Sigmund KLAUSNER who died at
Auschwitz. The memorial book states that Sigmund KLAUSNER's father Leon moved from
Wein to Furth in 1901. I have a photo/postcard of Sigmund,Paula and Isi sent from
Furth to my grandfather in the US >from Tante Hanchen, possibly Leon's wife. I also
have photos of a Heinrich KLAUSNER for whom we have no information.We
do not know the relationship of these KLAUSNERs to my family. Perhaps Leon
was a brother or cousin to Aron Jacob.

It seems that people relocating normally move to areas where they have
family. We beleive the GOLDMANs moved to Furth and the Herman KLAUSNERs to
Wein for that reason. The purpose of my search is to find relatives yet
unknown.If anyone has any information it would be most appreciated.

Joel Levinson Long Branch,New Jersey USA

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