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Joshua and Adrienne Narrowe <narrowes@...>

Bert Lazerow kindly responded regarding the thread on WWII Draft
Records. He provided a nice summary of the location of WWI Draft
Registrations. However, David's original question did seem to be about
the location and availability of the WWII registrations.

Bert is right to be sceptical about these records being available, so I
need to offer clarification- it seems that some of these records are
available, some not yet. I probably should have given these full quotes
in the first place but wanted to save the space.

1) Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking eds. "The
Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy"- Rev ed., Ancestry, Inc.,
Salt Lake City, 1997 states the following (p. 642):
"On 27 April 1942, the Selective Service System held a fourth
registration for men born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897
(ages forty-five to sixty-five). Cards >from this registration have been
acquired by the National Archives... [regional branches listed]...The
remaining registration cards are stored in the federal records centers.
They remain in the legal custody of the Selective Service System and are
subject to privacy laws."

2) Loretto Dennis Szucs "They Became Americans: Finding Naturalization
Records and Immigrant Origins ", Ancestry, Inc., Salt Lake City, 1998.
p. 70:
"World War II draft records have recently become available for some
states, and they are found in some regions of the National Archives.
World War II draft records would include virtually any male immigrant
born between 1875 and 1900, whether he had been naturalized or not."

Yet on this page is a photocopy of such a registration card, on which is
printed: (Registration Card- Men born on or after February 17, 1897 and
on or before December 31, 1921) So these registrations must be
accessible as well in some way.

--So the records >from this *fourth registration* are now becoming
available, and include birth town and country. I suspect that they are
available now as the youngest of these registrants would have just
passed their 100th birthdays.

Since my post, I have also received an email indicating that such
records are available in the Central Plains Regional Archives- Kansas

Hope it helps,
Adrienne Narrowe
Scott AFB, IL

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