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Hello everyone. This is really crazy, but I'd like to try something. My
grandmother, Yetta DUNETZ married Morris KELLNER in Brooklyn in 1917. Yetta
had 4 sisters. I've been able to trace one since I knew her last name.
(There is no bride index for Brooklyn) The others, Mollie, Sophie and Lena
seem to be lost to me. Yetta lived at 2249 Stillwell Avenue in 1970 and so
did her sister Mollie. I remember exactly that Mollie's building was
perpendicular to my grandma's.
This was a "city project" so I am wondering if anyone out there has ever
followed a thread like this and found a way to contact...I guess...the city
office or agency in Brooklyn that would have listings for tenants during that
time? I think that I would recognize Mollie's name if I saw it. My memory is
definetely not what I'd like it to be but since I still remember the words to
all the old rock n roll songs >from the 50's and 60's, Mollie's surname should
be easy!! Any suggestions? Thanks to all.

Meryl Persky
Calabasas, Ca.

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