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I have just returned >from Poland and a trip to one of my ancestral towns of
Czestochowa. A visit to the cemetery brought tears, not because I found the
graves of my ancestors, but because a forest has taken over this sacred
ground. Tombstones were toppled and smashed. Some horizontal tombs were
opened and the stones missing. Others were covered with forest debris and
names illegible.

A man who traveled with us offered to restore the cemetery at his own expense
25 years ago when the devastation was not as great. A Czestochover Society in
the U.S. stepped in and wanted to do the job instead. Some money was
collected but nothing was ever done. Because of this inaction, the
restoration seems like an insurmountable task. The eight people with whom I
traveled all have roots in Czestochowa and we are so disheartened by what we

While in Warsaw contact was made with a Pole who will travel there to assess
the situation. If you are interested in Czestochowa and would like updates,
please contact me privately.

Leah Jordan Bisel
West Bloomfield, Michigan

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