Request Help with old German Handwriting #germany

Brian Stern <brians99@...>

Hi All,

I have obtained several documents related to the SPEIER family from
Kleinheubach, Bavaria, >from the era of the 1890's. I have transcribed
them as best I can but there remains several words in each document that I
cannot read. I have put these documents on a web page with my
transcriptions and the difficult words are marked. I would appreciate it
if you can read the old German handwriting to take a look at the documents
and let me know if you can read any of the marked words.

The documents are at this web page:

Two of the documents are court documents and the third is a will. There
are several families mentioned besides the SPEIER family in the will and
court documents. There is no translation. Thanks for your help,

Brian Stern Lexington, KY <>

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