JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: the Bronx #general

Hank Mishkoff

I also remember Adventure's Inn and Nathans in Yonkers. Did anyone frow up
in the Bronx?
Yeah, I used to frow up in the Bronx all the time!

But seriously, I was born in the Bronx (Clay Avenue, near 170th St., I
think), but I only lived there until I was six, when my family moved to
Yonkers. My Mom was recently in a hospital in the Bronx, so while I was
visiting her (I live in Dallas now) I took the opportunity to visit the old
neighborhood. One fruit stand was still exactly where I remember it, 43 years
ago. And all in all, the place didn't look half as bad as I expected it to
look (one advantage of low expectations, I guess).

In Yonkers, we lived just up the hill >from Adventurers Inn, which later
became Nathans. I even worked there for a few days one summer.

Hank Mishkoff

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