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In searching for our families at the LDS in Salt Lake City, we printed
out pages of the 1920 Chicago Census. I recognize some names that were
being searched by others, and so we are listing out the names on each
page in hopes that it will help someone. Each list is one page and one
page only. If you find a name you want more information on, please use
the list number so that we can refer back to it. Again, some of the
census pages are very poorly written or copied and are somewhat

LIST #1:
Campbell Ave
Rothman, Sophie
Hoffman, Sam; Pearl; Benjamin; Harry; David; George; Emil
Ferdinand, Abe; Sylvia, Leon, Paul, Dora
Block, Mollie and Nathan
Ketchaf, Rose, Joseph
Skalsky, Jacob, Sarah, Leo, Morris, Ida, William, Belle, Sam
Szarvis, Harry, Rose Serene, Lillie, Mildred, Morris
Deutsch, Joe, Eva, Albert, Sigismund
Goldberg, Sam, Sarah
Wexler, Nathan, Annie, Rose, Mollie, Samuel
Portnoy, Rebecca, Abe
Potomac Ave.
Ribkoff, Morris, Sarah
Holtzman, Bernie, Fannie, Abie

Kedzie Ave.
Isaac, Jeanette, Jake, Harry, Sam, Bernice
Sadul (?), Louis, Rose
Krausz, William, Rachel
Coliri or Coliu, Morris
Haite or Horte, Abe, Annie, Lillian
Finkelstein, Wolf, Sarah
Balzak, Benjamin, Saddel, Sadie
Finkel, Sol, Ida, Abe, Minnie Annette, Max, Harry
Cohen, Lottie
Natoritz, Daniel, Attel, Hyman, Bertha
Weil or Well, Isaac, Tillie
Schoien or Schoies, Manuel, Anna
Troy St.
Halperin, Aaron, Judith, Bernard, Pauline, Robert, Ruth, Daniel, Lucille

Racine Avenue
Allouf, Sussaur, Alfred, Leo
Aizuss, Harry, Gussie, Jennie, Louis, Joseph
Horell, Jacob, Lena, Martin, Sol, Sarah, David

Western Avenue
Kaminsky, Virginia, Bernard
Jacobs, Harry, Ida, Maxine, Janette
Milwaukee Avenue
Gerber, Louis, Pearl, Ida, Sam, Rose
Aisuss, Louis, Rose
Silver, Janna(?), Bertha, Bernard, Sylvia
Gross, Samuel, Pauline, Sarah, Rosie, Jacob
Rodnick or Rolnick, Max

Morgan Street
Baum, Joseph, Etta, Dorothy, Arthur, Irving
Brouzity(?), Herman, pearl, Isadore, Ella, Eva
Manoff or Minoff, Mandel, Yenta
Browdy(?) Leo, Rose
Gassman, Harry
Solomon, William, Rebecca, Morris, Harry, Isadore, Dorothy, Mollie, Sam
Nathan, George, Rose
Hertz, Morris
Perlman, Isadore
Vitorich or Votorich, Hans, Katie, Rosa
Kazar, Bruno
Ragulvich, John
Votanas or Votanis, Peter
Cohen, Harris, Anna, Jennie, Rose
Blesque (?), John
Loudinick, Izak
Chemovitz or Chernovitz, Joseph
Trafinski (?) Julius
Bolasne, Sam, Fannie, Ida, Bertha, Sollie
Shaffer, Harry, Goldie, Mayer

Campbell Avenue
Gold, Rose, Joseph, Anna, Solomon
Ellman, Morris, Rosie or Rachel, Sam, FAnnie, Morris
Robinson, Louis, Bertha, Fannie, Tillie
Rapaport, Sam, Alick
Goldshalk(?), Max, Ida, Hilda, Sam, Joseph, Sidney
Suss, Henry, Ida
Simons, Isaac, Max

North Campbell Avenue
Goldstein, Bennett or Barnett, Belle, Leo, Dorothy
Golden, Morris, Sarah, Joe, Frank
Cooper, Bennett or BArnett, Sarah, Harry, Anne, Helen, Belle, Tillie
Weintraub, Isadore
Rosin, Louis, Sarah, Minnie
Antin, Boris, Hilda
Adler, Alex, Sophie, Henry
Fleischer or Fleischin, Phillip, Minnie, Esther, Joseph, Abbie, Ruby
Resin, Sam, Mary, Esther
Dolnick, Harry
Landesman, Louis, Dora, Max, Sam, Isadore
Feldman, Rubin
Bernard, Isadore
Zupnick or Rupnick, Herman
Circle, Albert, Sarah, Hyman, Victoria, Emanuel, Sidney, Leo

Division Street
Balzak, Julius, Ray
Spiveck, Jacob, Rose, Sarah
Goldberg, Max, Mollie, Gussie, Sam
Soskin, Jacob, Bessie, Meyer
Smith, Jacob, (cannot read mother's name but it begins with an A),
Sadie, Helen, Tobie,
Bessie, Esther, Eugene
Knippe or Knispe, Bessie
Waldman, Louis, Esther, Martin Harold
Seigel, Meyer, Esther, John
Glick, Bennie, Anna
Bogorad, Max, Vera, Meyer
Poro, Betchin
Ceplan or Caplan, Isaac, Mary, Sidney
Simons, Edward, Clara, Harold, Violet, (daughter's name begins with an
A), Robert
Forman, Isador, Fannie

North Campbell
Kimmel, Bertha, Dora, Simon
Leibowitz, Louis, Helen, Jerold, Ruth, Irene
Wagner, Adolph, Bessie
Edidin, Oscar, Rose, Morry, Theodore
Kessler, Paul, Dora, Hyman
Pearsky, Ada(?) Isadore, Samuel, Ida, peter, Irving
Dulkin or Dolkin, Nathan, Fannie, Samuel, Saul
Cassel, Samuel, Jennie, Albert, Lillian, Herman
Shure, Samuel, Bessie
Dinkin, Harry, celia, Lillian, Marion
Yashon, Jacob, Mamie
Tillis or Tillin, Louis
Levin, Philip, Fannie, Leah, Abraham, David
Lederman, Rose
Moskowitz, Sol
Pinzur, Hyman, Celia

LIST #10
Rockwell Street
Shluglat, Esther, Morris, Addie
Rubin, Lena
Kurtzman, Joseph, Dora, Jake, Abe, FAnnie, Anna, Philip, Benjamin
Schowel, Max, Anna
Ordover or Ordower, Jake, Yedda, Bella, Lillie, Bennie, Irving
Cortez Street
Garlick, Jacob, Bessie, Harry, Sam, Ida, Rose, DAvid, Bennie
Spivak, Jacob, Marie, Ruth, irving
Wiener, Sidney
Mydlowski, Alexander, Katie, Anna, Paul
Bowman, Philip, Anna, Ida
Myerson, Isadore, Annie, Sidney
Stone, Louis, Minnie, Rebecca
Kipnis, Rose
Goodman, Aaron

We found some of our family and hope it helps others too. if you need
more information, contact us direct.

Sam and Charlotte Showel
Las Vegas, Nevada

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