ViewMate translation request: Stargard Register of Inhabitants #germany

Paul Gordon <flash@...>


I have found some FRIEDLAND relatives listed in the Stargard Seelenregister
(Register of Inhabitants) for the 1870s and 1880s. Since I cannot read old
German (or new German, for that matter), I have posted three of the pages on
ViewMate. Could someone please tell me what these entries say?

I'm not sure, but I think this lists Herrmann FRIEDLAND with two wives:
Rosalie(?) LIPSHITZ and Albertina SALINGER. Can this be right? If so, is
there an indication that one was divorced or deceased? And could someone
please tell me what else this document says?

Another Herrmann FRIEDLAND document, this time with only one wife. Can
someone please translate this for me?

I can read the name Bernhard FRIEDLAND, the date of birth, and the town of
birth. What is written in the two other columns?

You can access all the ViewMate files at

Please respond to me directly, and not to the list.

Paul Gordon Silver Spring, Maryland, USA <flash@...>

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