SELIGMAN(N) in USA #germany

Adam Yamey <adamandlopa@...>

Some time ago a member of gerSIG alerted me to some US
Census entries for some SELIGMAN s who might have been
related to my SELIGMANN family >from Ichenhausen.
Having looked at the entries I am fairly certain that
they are in fact individuals who should appear on my
family tree.

The following extracts >from my family tree list these

1. Jakob SELIGMAN(N) (b.1846-Germany (Ichenhausen)
sp: Hendrina HENDRICKS (b.1850-South Africa m.1873
|-2. Ralph SELIGMAN (b.1875-South Africa d.1900)
|-2. Frederick SELIGMAN (b.1876-South Africa
|-2. Max SELIGMAN (b.1877-South Africa)
| sp: Myrtle UNKNOWN (b.1886-Canada)
| |-3. Percy F SELIGMAN (b.1908-Chicago)*
| |-3. Arthur J SELIGMAN (b.1914-Chicago)*
| +-3. LeRoy SELIGMAN (b.1918-Chicago)*
|-2. Arthur SELIGMAN (b.1878-South Africa d.1930)
| sp: UNKOWN
+-2. Percy SELIGMAN (b.1882-Illinois)

It is faintly possible that any of the asterisked (*)
persons my still be living. There may well be other
SELIGMAN descendants >from this family still living. If
anyone can help me locate any members of this branch
of my family, I would be very happy.

Adam Yamey, London, UK <adamandlopa@...>

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