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Alexander Sharon <sharon@...>

David Goldman wrote:
We had an earlier discussion about the origin of the name Elka. I just
the thought that perhaps it could be related to the name HELGA in the
way Henya is related to the name EUGENIA.

Any thoughts?

Name Elka is another form of Elizabeth. Polish equivalent of Elizabeth is
Elzbieta [Elzh byetah] and dimunitive forms are Ela and Elka (peasant's
variation). Don't confuse with Hela, Helcia or Helenka which are
dimunitive forms of Helena [Engl. Helen].

On the other hand, name Elka is common in Germanic based languages. Isn't
there a movie actress called Elka Sommers?
Probably in this case this is a form of Helga.

I assume that the name Elka in this discussion, relates to the person
originated >from the Eastern Europe.

Alexander Sharon

PS: Just in case: In Russian, Elizabeth's variations is Elizavieta or
Yelizavieta (Yelih za vye tah], but in this case, dimunitive form used is
Liza (Lisa). Russian ladies do have name Ella and Yelena [English: Helen].

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