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Robert Meyer <BobEllen@...>

On my grandfather's naturalization papers he lists his birthplace
as "Walf Grodno". I am confused as to whether "Walf" is a shtetl in the Grodno district or an area in Grodno (such as West Grodno or East Grodno). Anyone have any ideas -- either on the meaning or sources I could use to find out?

Thank you.

Ellen S. Meyer
Wilmington, Delaware

Searching: SHERESHEFSKY >from Grodno, Slonim, Taurage and Augustow
in Belarus; THOMBACHER/THOMBERG >from Augustow; FINKELSTEIN >from Grodno, Slonim and Augustow; KATZENELLENBOGEN >from Belarus; THALENFELD/TALENFELD >from Kalish, Galicia; FEUERMANN >from Carpathian Mountains in present-day
Slovakia; ZALLE >from Carpathian Mountains; GOLD(STEIN?) >from Carpathian

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