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Steven Garza <stevengarza@...>

I did an internet search on my surname Garza to see if I could find
any information about the roots of the family name. I wanted to find
the roots of the name in Spain. One surprising hit that came back was
from the soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Jews As a Nation at this address:

In it, it said, "Jews have played an important role in the history
of Monterrey, Mexico. The Garza family, one of Mexico's richest,
of Cerveceria Moctezuma fame, are Jews." My great grandfather on my
dad's side is >from Monterrey, Mexico. On my mom's side of the family
tree I also have Garzas and can trace my ancestry back 8 generations
to a Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon. Her family has lived in southern
Texas for generations and was supposed to own land there long ago.
I'm curious as to the roots of my family and I want to learn if
the Sephardic connection is real, just rumor, or perhaps only a
small part of the Garza family was Jewish.

If anyone knows, let me know.

Steven Garza

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