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Mark J. Budman <budman@...>

Hello all. I am an amateur genealogist doing some research on my family
tree. I am trying to locate a branch of my family by the family name of
"ROSENFELD". My grandfather (when he was alive) had spoken of a cousin of
his who helped sponsor him so he could immigrate to Canada. Below is the
information I have.

My grandfather: Sam (Tzudik) Budman, born approx 1903 in Pavoloch, (in the
Zhitomir region) in the Ukraine. He immigrated to Canada in 1927 with the
help of a B. Rosenfeld (Tzudik's uncle) who was living (according to a
letter I found) at 543 Vinnan St. in Hamilton, Ontario. Another individual
who helped was a B. (or D) Belapolsky, also of Hamilton.

The following is what I have found through research (and might not
necessarily be 100% correct):

I believe B. Rosenfeld was Benjamin Rosenfeld who was married to Martha.
There is also a Max Rosenfeld, and Jack Rosenfeld (which I think were the
sons of Ben and Martha).

Jack married Mary, and at one point they were living at 41 Kipling in

Max lived at 107 Rossylyn Ave N in Hamilton and had a business called
Polan's Food Market.

My grandfather (Tzudik) had mentioned that we had relatives by the name of
Polan living in Hamilton.

Please respond and let me know either way if any of this information means
anything to you.

Thank you for your time.


Mark J. Budman

"SOLOMIN/SOLOMINAS/SOLOMON/SALOMON" >from Kaunus/Kovno/Vilkaviskis/Vilna/Vilnius
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"HOFFMAN" >from Vilkaviskis/Vilna/Vilnius
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"BUDMAN" >from Pavoloch, Zhitomir


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