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I am working on my husband's mother's family. The 1910 Census
lists the family "DICKINS" in Providence. HARRY arrived first
and according to the census, in 1898. The name was eventually
spelled as DICKENS and shows up as such in the 1920 Census.

My next step was to find just HARRY in 1900. The rest of the
family came in 1903, except for his oldest daughter who came
in sometime after Harry and before everyone else. She's our
line, but as she may be with Harry in 1900 I figured I'd work
through him. I know she came with an aunt, Leo & Ruchel
WINOGRAD into Castle Island, she was only 14 and had such a
hard time she refused to return.

Now to my problem. I looked through the 1900 Census and can
not find a single Russian in the entire soiundex category,
only English and Irish.

We know the name was probably DICKEE in Russia, BUT
Can anyone tell me what the RUSSIAN SPELLING might have been for

I am thinking that I will have to work >from that Soundex. He might
not have "anglecized" the name yet!!??

Any ideas or suggestions??

Thanks ahead of time
Judi Missel
Mesa, AZ

Searching: MISSEL/MEISEL , LURIE - Lithuania, Boston, MA
RICHTER, NEUGEBOREN - Husytan, Ukraine
BRAUN, ZIMMERMAN - All >from areas around Eger, Hungary
GYORI (originally SINGER), HIRSCHFELD ->from around Gyor,Hungary

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